HyperMach Aerospace Industries, Inc.

HyperMach Aerospace Industries was founded in 2008 with the vision for a single stage to orbit hypersonic vehicle of revolutionary design and propulsion capability. The approach has been to address the launch cost of moving people and cargo into space by using a hybrid air-breathing electric rocket cycle engine. Development to date shows the efficacy of the design at a systems level with hardware testing, experimental flight vehicle, wind tunnel work and planned launch to future customers across the next 3 years. HyperMach’s mission is to fly people through space from the existing global structure of airports and spaceports, therefore reducing flight costs by two orders of magnitude, compared to current rocket-based space flight.

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HYPERLINER is a commercial, Hypersonic Hybrid Civil Transport (HHCT) aircraft. It is green by Design, with its “Zero-Boom” technology, which will allow it to fly over land at hypersonic speeds, continent to continent. With its highly efficient HYSCRAM-AB engines, global reach will be possible in a few hours. First flight is planned for 2030. HYPERLINER brings speed, green, comfort and safety, continent to continent, with style, culture and a new world of high-speed international air travel.

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HYPERLINER started development in 2015, as an outgrowth of HyperMach’sHyperStar Mach 5.0 business jet aircraft program. HYPERLINER is powered by four HYSCRAM-AB engines at 190,000 lb. each, pushing it past Mach 6.0. The program is in preliminary detailed design with focus on airframe structures, thermal materials, systems and systems integration. Wind tunnel testing begins October 2020, starting at Mach 4.5 cruise.

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HYRAM-XV is the hypersonic hybrid unmanned demonstrator air vehicle in development at HyperMach ahead of HYPERLINER. It will hold a single HYSCRAM-AB engine, fully integrated to an all composite, high temperatures resistant structural airframe. HYRAM-XV will fly to 50,000 feet and up to Mach 6.0+, demonstrating key hypersonic technologies which will be further matured in the manned aircraft HYPERLINER.


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SPACESTAR is a single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane concept, runway to orbit in a single bound is the SPACESTAR mission. It will fly on a new engine on the drawing board inside of the HyperSpace company managed by its hypersonic engine team, and inspired by a future funded program within the departments of defense.


This engine is HYSCRAM-SA (space access) integrated into the airframe which is designed to payload 50 tons. SPACESTAR will provide dramatically reduced costs of moving people and cargo into space.