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HYPERSPACE PROPULSION SUMMARY; The company’s mission is to design, develop, engineer and commercializea revolutionary hypersonic air-breathing propulsion system for both aircraft and space craft. Designated as HYSCRAM-AB, a true hybrid turbine-based-combined-cycle engine, combining a superconducting power shaft core (SPSC) and turbojet, ramjet, scramjet and MHD engine and augmenting thrust cycles. A Hypersonic Hybrid Civil Transport (HHCT) called HYPERLINER, is a Mach 6.0-8.0, 200 passenger aircraft concept under development by HyperMach Aerospace Industries that will be integrated to four HYSCRAM-AB engines in double nacelle structures, one on each wing.


HYPERLINER will have a 10,800 NM range. Each HYSCRAM-AB engine is rated at 190,000 lb. thrust. “Zero-Boom” (TM) is the “no-sonic-boom” technology to be employed by HYPERLINER so that flight over land, and any continent is possible. HYPERLINER has been in development for three years now and is in systems, sub-systems and preliminary design and development, with wind tunnel testing starting in 2021.

We are currently moving on an aggressive 98-month maturation program to first flight of HYSCRAM-AB and HYPERLINER with engine ground tests in 2027, with flight tests in 2028, and aircraft and engine integration and first flight in 2030 with HYPERLINER. SPACESTAR is a spaceplane concept on the drawing boards at HyperMachAerospace Industries, and will fly the HYSCRAM-SA engine for payloading 100 passengers or 25 tons of payload into orbit in a single bound. SPACESTAR will operate globally from international airports and runways, taking off and flying the first half of the flight like an aircraft, and the second half of the flight like a rocket.

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HYSCRAM TBCC Design Cutaway (2) [GNK, 2018.11.20 SBA]

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HYSCRAM-AB (airbreather) is a hypersonic hybrid TBCC propulsion system currently under development by HyperSpace Propulsion, Inc.


Over a 98-month phased development program with subscale and full scale engine hardware, wind tunnel testing and flight testing, a full scale prototype engine will be flown in 2029.


A flight test vehicle demonstrator is currently in development at the HyperMach company.

HYSCRAM 1-channel ramjet-scramjet engine description [GNK, 2019.08.05 HSP]

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A single HYSCRAM-AB ram-scramjet duct is being designed and fabricated as a one third scale of the full-scale engine and integrated into a innovative boost hybrid glide hypersonic vehicle. Wind tunnel testing begins October with demonstration flights in 2023. It represents one of nine of the circumferential scramjet engine cycles surrounding the superconducting Mach 6.0 engine core of HYSCRAM-AB.

HYSCRAM TBCC major parts (side view) [GNK, 2019.11.04 HSP]

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Technical cut-away of the HYSCRAM-AB multi-engine cycle hypersonic system with system components labeling. Engine architecture defines a single common flow path for seamless operations from Mach 1.0 to Mach 14.0.

HYSCRAM-SA engine cutaway with dimensioning [GNK, 2020.02.04 HSP] (2)

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HYSCRAM-SA (Space Access) is the space engine derivative of the air breathing derivative of HYSCRAM-AB. It is designed for future development with plans for a full-scale build and test by 2035. It is a hybrid rocket-based-combined-cycle hypersonic system providing a single leap into space, runway to orbit. Soon in the future it will fly the HyperMach company spaceplane, SPACESTAR.