HyperMach at ‘Pivotal Stage’ for Its Mach 5 Bizjet

HyperMach Aerospace is about halfway through a two-year program to validate crucial technologies for both its newly renamed HyperStar supersonic business jet (SSBJ) and the airplane’s hybrid turbofan ramjet engines ...
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Elon has four year old idea for supersonic electric plane and Hypermach continues in stealth mode

On 2014, Nextbigfuture covered Elon Musk describing his belief that an electric supersonic vertical take-off passenger jet could be built. Elon Musk talked about the supersonic electric passenger VTOL plane ...
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Aviation Week

A novel hybrid hypersonic propulsion system combining superconducting electrical power, a gas turbine, ram/scramjet and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology is being developed by California-based startup HyperSpace Propulsion. The turbine-based combined-cycle (TBCC) ...
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